My Top 10 Most Favorite Artists of the Art Basel Miami Beach Week 2018

Posted on Dezember 10, 2018


Sylvia Bernhardt visited the Art Week in Miami december 5-9th.

Of course you can find at this years Art Basel-Miami Beach Fair, blue chip artworks, like always: Jeff Koons „Smooth Egg with Bow“ (1) for around 9,5 Mio Dollar“, Damien Hirst, „The ascended“(2), around 0,8 Mio Dollar, a Günther Förg, 290 x 290 cm „Untitled“ canvas for around 0,5 Mio (3) and amongs others drawings for Christos land art project „Sourrounded Islands“ (Project for Biscayne Bay, Miami) from 1981, for 0,3 Mio and up (4).

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I took the words of a collector for serious, who said:

„If you want to buy names, that everyone already knows, you can go to auctions. I want to learn about artists I’ve never heard of.”

So I made ten choices from all the 15 sourrounded artfairs (a.o. Art Basel Miami Beach, Pulse, Untitled, Scope, Nada, and Art Miami) for him. This is the result:

Zanna Kadyrova

The Market, 2018, Installation of fruits and other food like sausages made from concrete, natural stone, ceramic tiles, Solo Project @ Voloshyn Gallery, Kiew, Ukraine (Pulse) first time participation at the Pulse Art Fair, Zanna Kadyrova ist the winner oft the Miami Beach PULSE PRIZE. 1 Gramm of Art is 1 Dollar.

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Charlotte Keates

The Kennedy Trip – new works created for Miami Art Week are inspired by a  3-month trip around North America the artist took the previous year,  as well as photo slides from an American family’s travels in the 1960s. The paintings were on public display for the first time in Miami. From 1600 Dollar for a canvas size 22 x 22 cm up to 12.000 Dollar for a 2,2 x 1,2 m @ Arusha Gallery, London (Pulse).

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Rafa Macarron

Macarron connects his search for spirituality and transcendance with the mystical and religious heritage of Spanish culture. He transforms it into contemporary terms for an examination of contemporary human condition, and the celebration of artistic practice and experimentation. @ Allouche Gallery, New York (Pulse), Noche Y Ella, 2018, Mixed media on canvas, 90 x 115 inches, 60.000 Dollar. Small pieces from 3500 Dollar.

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Ranti Bam

The young Nigerian-British artist Ranti Bam displays her soft-looking vessels collaged from slabs of clay and decorated with colours and patterns derived from her African heritage. Not only @ Gallery 50 Golborne, London (Untitled) but in other galleries in Miami, a new love affair with clay is reflected this week and there are signs that ceramic works will be more present than before. From 2500 Dollar each.

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Jeffrey Gibsen

The american artist is represented by Robert Projects from L.A. at Art Basel Miami Beach. On display there is a sculpture (height 150 cm) around 200.000 Dollar, and mixed media paintings, 45 x 32 inches around 50.000 Dollar

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Leah Schrager

The installation is displayed at Roma Fine Arts, New York (Scope). Limited edition photos from 700 Dollar each.

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Leonardo Damonte

The argentinian artist displays his mixed media sculptures @Miranda Bosch Gallery from Buenos Aires. From 6500 – 15.000 Dollar each.


Mike Wagner

Are they real banknotes is the most flequently asked question about Mike Wagners artworks! Banknotes are just ink on paper…but only in the way that a Vermeer is just pigment and varnish on wood. You can’t simply decide to make some for yourself.  The question what remains is: How much is such an artwork worth? @Pavel Zoubok from L.A. (Untitled), 30 x 40 cm, 24.000 Dollar, 60 x 80 cm, 40.000 Dollar

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Marion Laval Jeantet & Benoit Mangin

The artistic works of the Duo from Paris has been built on a careful and passionate observation  of the living things. They appeal to very differnt sciences like ecology, biology, ethnography and interrogate the changing relationship that human beeings have with an increasingly science- and technology overrun environment. @ Galerie Les filles du calvaire from Paris are displayed their Installation and Objects. Around 4000 Dollar each object.

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At the end of the week in Miami, I know that the art world is more open-minded than it used to be. The art-buying public increases every year. Awareness of contemporary practice is higher than ever and tastes are broadening.





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